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Receiving Ohio University's certification as the only Hungarian 

August, 2017. Athens, Ohio, USA


 Attila Kenyeres at Ohio University

 Attila Kenyeres received

 Ohio  University's certification after

 he had  succesfully finished the Study

 of the U.S. Institutes (SUSI) 2017

 Program On journalism and media.

 The annual  international scholarship

 program has been founding by the 

 U.S. State Department.Kenyeres was

 the only Hungarian participant of this

 program in Ohio. The program started 

 at the 6th of July and  ended at the 18th 

 of August, 2017.



Visiting CNN Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia  
July, 2017. Atlanta, Georgia, USA


Attila Kenyeres visiting CNN    


 Attila Kenyeres took a visit and a studio

 tour at CNN Headquarters in Atlanta.

 The study tour to CNN was a part of 

 the Study of the U.S. Institutes (SUSI)

 2017 international scholarship

 program founded by the U.S. 

 State Department.




Study tour of CBS Cleveland 19 Channel   
July, 2017. Cleveland, Ohio, USA


Attila Kenyeres at Cleveland TV  



 Kenyeres took a visit and a studio tour of

 CBS affiliated Cleveland 19 TV Channel.

 The visit was a part of the Study of 

 the U.S. Institutes (SUSI) 2017 Program

 On Journalism and Media founded by the

 U.S. State Department. 



Taking part of the 100th annual AEJMC Conference in Chicago   
August, 2017. Chicago, Illinois, USA


Attila Kenyeres at AEJMC in Chicago



 Attila Kenyeres took part of the 100th

 AEJMC (Association for Education in

 Journalism and Mass Communication)

 Conference in Chicago. The visit was 

 a part of the Study of the U.S. Institutes

 (SUSI) 2017 Program On Journalism 

 and Media founded by the U.S. State




Visiting a national league baseball game in Washington D.C.    
August, 2017. Washington D.C., USA


Attila Kenyeres visiting a baseball game in Washington D.C.  



 Kenyeres visited a national league 

 baseball game in Washington D.C.

 This was just one of the many evening

 social programs of the Study of the 

 U.S. Institutes (SUSI) 2017 Program 

 On Journalism and Media founded by

 the U.S. State Department. 




The only Hungarian winner of the U.S. State Department Program (SUSI) on journalism and media in Ohio     
July, 2017. Washington D.C., USA


Attila Kenyeres at Ohio University


 Attila Kenyeres was chosen by Fulbright

 Commission and the U.S. Embassy 

 in Budapest to take part of a 6-week long

 American scholarship program founded 

 by the U.S. State Department. The Study 

 of the U.S. Institutes (SUSI) 2017 Program

 On Journalism and Media was organized 

 by Ohio University in Athens,

 Ohio. Kenyeres was the first and so far 

 the only Hungarian scholar of this program

 in Ohio. 


Visiting Venice Beach, California    
August, 2017. Venice Beach, Los Angeles, USA


 Attila Kenyeres in Venice, California 




 After succesfully finishing his 

 SUSI Scholarship program, Kenyeres made

 a quick trip to California to visit 

 famous places like Venice Beach in 

 Los Angeles, California.




Book premiere in debrecen at Libri Book Store    
November, 2015. Debrecen, Hungary


Kenyeres Attila book premiere



 The book launch of "Falsified Reality –

 Secrets of Media Manipulation" written by

 Attila Kenyeres was held in Libri book store,

 Debrecen. You can watch a short video

 about the event and the book here



Released! Falsified Reality - The Secrets Of Media Manipulation  
June, 2015. Budapest, Hungary


Kenyeres Attila falsified reality-the secrets of media manipulation



"Falsified Reality - Secrets of Media

 Manipulation" written by Hungarian former 

 public and political journalist Attila 

 Kenyeres. The book is about 

 the manipulation techniques used

 by journalists, editors, television reporters,

 cameramen, directors etc., demonstrated

 with Hungarian and also international

 examples.The main goal of this book is

 to demonstrate the “real face” of the

 news media and the news-making

 process. And also to pointout the dangers

 of using social media (e.g.

 fake news spreading on Facebook

 and Twitter). 




Conference presentation in Budapest   
May, 2017. Budapest, Hungary


Kenyeres Attila conference ELTE HUCER




  Mr. Kenyeres held a presentation at the

  Hungarian Conference on Educational   

  Research at the Eötvös Loránd  

  Tudományegyetem in Budapest.
  Topic of the presentation: the role of 

  different sources of information among 

  Hungarian people compared with the type

  of their settlement. 


English-language presentation about media manipulation   
November, 2016. Debrecen, Hungary 


Kenyeres Attila youth exchange program


  Attila Kenyeres held an English language   

  presentation about the work of journalists 

  and media manipulation demonstrated with 

  Hungarian and international examples 

  for the students of an international youth

  exchange program in Debrecen.


Presentations about media manipulation in Teleki High School in Budapest 
November, 2016. Budapest, Hungary 


Kenyeres Attila presentation Budapest Teleki Blanka


  Mr. Kenyeres held a presentation about the   world of journalism and 

  media manipulation demonstrated with 

  Hungarian and international examples 

  for high school students in for example

  Teleki Blanka Secondary School Of 

  Economics in Budapest.


Radio interview about recent media manipulation cases in Hungary   
January, 2017. Debrecen, Hungary


Kenyeres Attila Campus Radio interview  

  Mr. Kenyeres gave an interview for a local

  radio station (Campus Radio FM90) about

  recent media manipulation cases and also 

  the results of his media researches. 


Presentaion about journalism for high school students in Budapest  
November, 2017. Budapest, Hungary


Kenyeres Attila Budapest New Generation Program


  Attila Kenyeres held another presentations
  for media faculty students from various high

  schools in Budapest in the frame of New 

  Generation Program. The topic was again

  the media manipulation demonstrated with 

  Hungarian and international examples

  (pictures, articles and TV reports). 



Mulled beer testing in Zakopane, Poland  
December, 2016. Zakopane, Poland 


Kenyeres Attila Zakopane




  Mr. Kenyeres took part of a round trip to the

  beautiful mountain village of Zakopane,

  Poland. The trip was organized by the

  community of the University of Debrecen.

  During the program, the participants had the

  opportunity to taste the very special Polish

  mulled beer. 



Released! The secrets of rock and roll - the manager  
May, 2016. Budapest, Hungary 


Kenyeres Attila-Kemerei Peter SaROCKba szoritva

 The book written by Attila Kenyeres is

 about the adventouros life of Péter

 Kémeri, the founder-manager of one of the

 biggest rock and roll bands of Hungary


 He was also a co-founder of one of the

 biggest Hungarian music festivals (Hegyalja

 Fesztivál).The book is a sneek-peek into

 the exciting and sometimes scandalous

 life of rock and roll musicans and concert